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StandDesk launches StandDesk for business

StandDesk, a leading online retailer of sit-stand desks for consumers, is expanding to help small businesses. Launching today, StandDesk for Business offers small business owners a quick and affordable way to select and purchase high-quality commercial-grade furniture for their employees. The new program features a wide variety of ergonomic desks, chairs, dividers and accessories, along with free workspace design services, to help businesses optimize a productive and safe return to the office.
StandDesk launches StandDesk for business

“Small businesses were the hardest hit during the pandemic,” said StandDesk Director of E-Commerce Mark Wanczak. “As these businesses get back on their feet, we are here to help. By expanding the easy direct-to-customer experience that’s made us successful, small businesses can now get high-quality and affordable commercial grade office solutions delivered within days. Small businesses do not need to compromise on product and service quality. And with StandDesk for Business they won’t.”

Starting April 22 and ending on June 30, 2021, all new StandDesk for Business customers can receive up to 10 percent off on all standing desks and up to 25 percent off on all accessory products. Customers can learn more at standdesk.co/pages/for-business.
StandDesk for Business’s wide range of product solutions can accommodate small startups to more established organizations with dozens of employees. Customers can choose from more than 100 combinations of desks in multiple sizes, colors and material options. Desks options range from mobile single-user tables to fully electric tables spanning 6-feet in length. Customers can also select their own frame colors and tabletop options in laminates and stylish solid woods.

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